Servlces Offered   
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Physical Therapy
Physical therapists assess a child’s gross motor or movement skills
then plan a therapeutic exercise program that improves the use of
bones, muscles, joints and nerves.  Often assistive technology can be
used to aide in the development of these programs particularly when
dealing with mobility and positioning strategies.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists focus on a child’s adaptive and fine motors
skills.  The objective is to develop strategies that aid a child in their
daily living and improve interactions with their physical and social
environments.  Some of these skills include feeding, writing, toilet
training, dressing and sensory integration.

Speech Therapy
Speech therapists focus on signs of communication problems relative
to expressive (ways of communicating) and receptive (what is
understood) skills.  This therapist will help a child to continue
developing communication skills beyond speech and may include the
use of alternative approaches such as American Sign Language, total
communication or oral communication approaches.

Developmental Therapy
Developmental therapists are special educators trained in infant and
pediatric cognition.  They focus on the implications that a disability or
delay has upon the normal progression of childhood development.  
Working closely with families, they formulate cognitive activities that
will promote learning throughout a child’s daily routines and

Assistive Technology
AT is used with individual children to increase, maintain or improve
their functional capabilities.  AT includes a variety of equipment or items
ranging from custom ma
de orthotics, hand splints, specially adapted
devices that will assist children with hearing, vision, eating, and even
positioning aides such as bolsters and wedges.